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WWE:Triple H’s journey to WrestleMania-Realmultisportz.

Triple H

Paul Michael Levesque is a professional wrestler and actor, known for his ring name, ‘Triple H’, which is a short version of his real name ‘Hunter Hearst Helmsley’.

Triple h

Source:Wrestling News

The WWE COO and the 14-time champion Hunter Hearst Helmsley have performed the task of bringing new talent to the company in the present time. Apart from this, they have brought up the new stars too.

However, he was also fighting in the middle of the ring. After coming into the role of an authority, he has been seen fighting most of WrestleMania in the last few years and in the meantime he also works to bring other superstars forward.

However, Triple H’s name is the record of losing most matches in WrestleMania history and this year also he is going to appear in the action. Hunter will fight against Kurt Angle and Ronda Rousse by teaming up with his wife Stephanie McMahan.

Triple H’s journey to Wrestlemania:

1- WrestleMania 12: The Ultimate Warrior defeats Hunter Hearst Helmsley (Necklace)

2- WrestleMania 13: he defeated Goldst and won his first win in WrestleMania. (win)

3- WrestleMania 14: Hunter Hearst Helmsley defended European championship by defeating Oven Hart. (win)

4- WrestleMania 15: Ken defeats Hunter Hearst Helmsley (Necklace)

5- WrestleMania 16: he defended the WWE Championship by defeating The Rock, Big Show, and Mick Foley. (win)

6- WrestleMania 17: Undertaker defeats Hunter Hearst Helmsley (Necklace)

7- WrestleMania 18: Hunter Hearst Helmsley defeated Chris Jericho and retweeted the championship. (win)

8- WrestleMania 19: Triple H defeated Booker T and recreate the World Heavyweight Championship. (win)

9- WrestleMania 20: Chris Banva’s Triple H named the World Heavyweight Championship as Shawn Michaels and Triple H. (Necklace)

10- WrestleMania 21: Batista defeats Triple H and makes the World Heavyweight Championship as its name. (Necklace)

11- WrestleMania 22: John Cena defeated Hunter Hearst Helmsley and retired the WWE Championship. (Necklace)

12- WrestleMania 24: Randy Orton defeats Hunter Hearst Helmsley and John Cena and crowns the championship. (Necklace)

13- WrestleMania 25: Triple H retweeted the WWE Championship defeating Randy Orton. (win)

14- WrestleMania 26: he defeated Shamas. (win)

15- WrestleMania 27: Undertaker defeats Hunter Hearst Helmsley in No Holds Barred match (Necklace)

16- WrestleMania 28: Undertaker defeats Hunter Hearst Helmsley in a Hal in a Cell match. Shawn Michaels was the Special Guest Referee in this match. (Necklace)

17- WrestleMania 29: Triple H beat Brock Lesnar in No Holds Barred match (win)

18-WrestleMania 30: Daniel Brian defeated Hunter Hearst Helmsley (Necklace)

19- WrestleMania 31: he beat Sting in a singles match. (win)

20- WrestleMania 32: The Roman Rena defeated Hunter Hearst Helmsley to make the WWE Championship their own. (Necklace)

21: WrestleMania 33: Seth Rollins defeats Triple H in a non-sanitation match. (Necklace)

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