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Top 5 superstars who can return to WWE WrestleMania 34

# 1 Bobby Lashley

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Bobby Lashley is no longer associated with Impact Wrestling, so his chances of getting into WWE have increased. Lashley, with the rest of the superstars in this list, is also expected to return to WrestleMania 34. Bobby’s return can be quite big because his background mix is ​​with martial arts, and in such a way, if he returns with a bronze to Brock Lesnar under a storyline then it will be really great.

# 2 Samoa Joe


Fans who are eagerly awaiting the superstar are Samoa Jo Samoa, who was injured during the fight with the Ryan in January, after which he is away from the ring action. There is a possibility that Samoan can return to WrestleMania by intervening in the competition between Roman Rance vs. Brock Lesnar.

# 3 Big Cass


Another superstar Big Cass who is away from the ring action due to injury but is expected to return to WrestleMania. As we know, Vince McMahon likes the long and the broadest superstars, and an example of this is seen by Storman, the way he got a big push. In this way, we can expect that Big Cass will make a surprise return to WrestleMania, but WWE needs to book the Big Cass in the right way.

# 4 Rey Mysterio


A few months ago Ray Mysterio has been added as a full-timer in WWE, and due to which he made a shocking return on the Royal Rumble. At the age of 43, he has got to see his superb moves in the ring. The reason is that the fans also like to watch him in the ring again and again. Wrestlemania 34 is expected to make the comeback of Ray Mysterio, and his return can certainly surprise the WWE Universe. Just need WWE to bring Ray Mysterio back with a good storyline.

# 5 Jeff Hardy


Jeff Hardy’s return is really a surprise to WrestleMania. Jeff Hardy is out of the ring action due to injury, but his hope of return to WrestleMania is still intact. For the return of Jeff Hardy, he can get a great return to WrestleMania by including him in a storyline with Matt. Well it would be interesting to see that Jeff returns under the storyline but Jeff is more likely to return to WrestleMania.

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