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Video refereeing will be for the first time in this year’s Football World Cup in Russia

World Cup

In spite of opposition from inside and outside soccer, the video assistant referee technique (war) will be used in Russia this year’s World Cup. FIFA president Giani Infinito reported this information.

World cup

Infantino said after the meeting of the 16 March FIFA Council, “The first ‘War’ will be used in the World Cup in 2018. It has got clearance and we are really very happy with this decision. ”

The International Football Association Board (IFAB) associated with football rules had given this technology a clear signal in Zurich two weeks ago and the FIFA Council gave it final approval.

The World Cup will be played in Russia between June 14 and July 15.

World cup

During this time, this technique will be used to ascertain whether the goal is scored or not and whether the penalty should be given or not. Apart from this, ‘Var’ will also decide on the red card and if any player gets wrongly punished then he will improve.


Infinito said, “We want to help and when the referees are to make important decisions then they want to have the possibility of additional help. We make many important decisions in the World Cup. “He said,” With the help of the referee, we are getting help and we want a more transparent and clean game. “20 of the ‘War’ of 20 federations Used. These include German Bundesliga and Italy’s Serie A. So far, it has been tested in about 1000 matches.

Globally though this technique was not supported and even the European football body UEFA is still not completely convinced about it. UEFA President Alexander Seffrin said, “Nobody knows how war will work. There is already quite confusion. I am not against it but when it is used we should know better about it. Colombia coach Louis Fernando Suarez said that it should be widely used in other tournaments before the World Cup.

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