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Portugal won a friendly match against Egypt and Ronaldo breaks into the top three of international goalscorers.

Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo is the world’s top football player. Do not consider their success as a game of fate. Hard work, Cristiano has brought his game to the level of perfection. He created such abilities in his body, which is wonderful.

Cristiano, who gave his 100% in the game, is devoted to football. Captain of the football team and star player as well as good players on the field are equally good men in the real life.

Quinna de Arrow Award

Real Madrid star player Cristiano Ronaldo has been awarded the 2017 Quinna de Arrow Award. This award is given to the best player of Portugal’s year. He has made it his name for the second consecutive time.Ronaldo

At an extraordinary time, with a spectacular display from Cristiano Ronaldo, Portugal won 2-1 in a friendly match against Egypt. He scored two goals in the last minute and overturned his game. And also did a great job in football history The first half score was scored in a match played between Portugal and Egypt on Friday night. None of the two teams could score a goal.

After this, in the 56th minute of the second half Mohammed Advan opened the account of Egypt and gave it a 1-0 lead. Egypt did not give Portugal a chance to score a spectacular display till the end of the match. Portugal’s star player Ronaldo, who reached the brink of defeat, overturned the match of the match after one goal after another. On the basis of these two goals from Ronaldo, Portugal beat Egypt 2-1.

He has become the third player to score most goals internationally due to this performance. It was Ronaldo’s 81st international goal. Iran’s Ali Dai (109) and Hungary’s Frescus Pascas (84) have done the same to score more goals at this stage.

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