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Roman Reigns suspense lifted Big news from the WWE universe – know more

Roman Reigns

Roman Reigns started the main part on November 18, 2012 with the Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins on Survivor Series. He attacked Ryback and helped save the CM punk for the WWE title and named his group “Shield”. Shield defeated Ryback and Team Haal No in his first match on ‘TLC pay-per-view’.

On May 19, Roman and Rolins won the WWE Tag Team Championship by defeating Team Hail No on ‘Extreme Rules’. He equaled the record of the four elimination on Survivor Series (2013), and set a new record for the highest number of 12 Eliminations on the Royal Rumble (2014) next year.


Roman might have had the right to challenge the Universal championship in WrestleMania by winning this Elimination Chamber match this year, but after that he would not be happy with what happened to him. Especially in the last three weeks, there is hardly anything good with them.

Earlier, Vince McMahon suspended him for WWE due to the fact he spoke, after the suspension last week, he came to Raw even after the suspension, then the way the Universal Champion Brock Lesnar came and hit him, maybe he was so badly beaten in his career. Have not been found.


Although this week’s RAW was also not less than a nightmare for Roman Reigns, and once again he became the victim of Universal Champion Brock Lesnar and he showed to Reigns what could happen to him in WrestleMania.

Prior to such a knockout in the RAW seminar, Lesnar’s advocate Paul Heyman gave a great news to Roman Reigns and his fans that suspension raised on them is now dead and later WWE confirmed this by tweeting.

After this announcement, Paul Heyman also said that the Roman Reigns was not in RAW, but only during the middle of the quad, the Roman Reigns entered the ring and then it happened only that which got to see the fans last week.

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