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WWE WrestleMania34:John Cena – The Undertake(Deadman)

Wrestlemania 34

The moment the WWE Fans had long been waiting for. After all, they got to see in Wrestlemania 34. The rumors closed for the arrival of The Undertaker in WrestleMania. The Undertaker returned to the ring after the end of the segment between John Cena and Ellis. Deadman’s return to the WWE ring after 1 year came back and he also fought a match against John Cena. Cena looked very scared in this match, as if he had seen a ghost. After returning to the ring, Deadman once again appears in his old color.

 The Undertaker-John Cena

Actually John was sitting between cena Fans and he was enjoying the early matches of WrestleMania. A referee came and told John Cena something and cena left everything and fled to Backstage. After some matches, cena came in the ring and she waited for the Undertaker to arrive. Lights off, but instead of the Undertaker, the cardamom came in and, as always, came to the ring and started singing a song. Cena got angry and killed Elias.

John cena

After washing the cardamom, John Cena started going back to the backstage, he had reached halfway ramp that his music stopped and once again the darkness in the arena was covered. Fans got the hat and jacket of the taker in the ring, and the moment they disappeared, they disappeared. After that he was the one who was imagined by a lot of people.

Deadman was in front of the fans. The Undertaker entered the ring after a banged entry and the referee played the bull for the match. During the entire match, John Cena was very scared. The Leader of the Syntheses was talking about a match against Teker for several weeks, but after the Undertaker came, he lost his senses. Teker defeated John Cena by giving Tombstone Piledriver in a short match.

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