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IPL 2018: Dhoni celebrated Labor Day at his home ground, time spent with the staff

In the Indian Premier League (IPL) 2018, Captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni, of Chennai Super Kings (CSK), keeps doing away with the cricket ground, which keeps on increasing his fan base automatically. Photos of Dhoni making such a heart happy came on Tuesday. Actually, May 1 is Labor Day. On this day Mahendra Singh Dhoni met with the maintenance of the stadium in Chennai and Pune.

Everyone loves Dhoni and Dhoni is with his fans

Source: Sanjeevni Today

CSK tweeted, “Everybody who contributes to improving sports (cricket), congratulations on the Labor Day. Chefpak and the Ground staff of Pune Stadium are very much congratulated. “The fans have fervently applauded this move of CSK and Dhoni. Jugant Tripathi tweeted, “Every fan loves Dhoni and Dhoni is with his fans.” Ajay Khorte wrote, “Mahendra Singh Dhoni is the legend of the world cricket.” New Nautiyal tweeted, “It is impossible to stop the Chennai Express Ravi has written, ‘This is the honor for the hard-working workers.’ Riyadh tweeted, ‘You are really the hero and the best person.’ Gully keep tweeted, “playing moves beautifully groundsman working quietly for it. Salute them for hard labor. ‘

Chennai super kings

This time IPL matches are not being played at Chennai’s Chepauk Stadium due to a dispute over the water sharing of the Kaveri river. The matches that have to be had to be transferred to Pune. The Chennai Super Kings have been spectacular in the T20 league matches so far. CSK has so far played 8 matches, out of which Dhoni’s team has won 6. The team of Sunrisers Hyderabad has also won 6 out of 8 matches, but the run rate is due to CSK and Hyderabad at second place.

At the same time, the Kings XI Punjab team has played 7 matches, out of which the team has won five and the third in the table. Captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni himself has a big hand behind CSK performance. They have done brilliantly with the bat in the match played so far. On the fourth and fifth slots, respectively, the Kolkata Knight Riders and Royal Challenger Bangalore are the team. Delhi Daredevils lose 6 out of 8 matches and is at the bottom of the table.

Chidambaram Stadium

Let me tell you that the Chidambaram Stadium in Chennai was home ground of CSK, but the Kaveri dispute is underway. As a result, the bouts that were held there were shifted to Pune. Chennai Super Kings have returned to IPL this season after two years of ban. Already everyone’s favorite team has been doing something new to keep people engaged with themselves. Recently, when the new home ground was to be his first match in Pune, the team had booked a full train and made Chennai his journey from Pune to Pune. It was free to eat, drink, live and watch the match.

On the other hand, there have been different modes of Dhoni being seen from time to time. In the same season Dhoni had a photo with Mumbai Indians player Ishant Kishan. Despite being in the opposition team, Kishan was seen giving tips on wicketkeeping as being a junior. That photo was also highly appreciated.

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