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WWE:The date of sighting in the WWE ring of The Great Khali was announced

Countdown to WWE PaperView Greatest Royal Rumble has started counting. In this way, now the name of the new stars wrestler has started. This time the WWE wants to rumble the biggest royal by now in Arabia. 50 wrestlers will participate in this year’s Rumble. WWE announced via Twitter that superstars like India’s Great Wrestler, The Great Khali, along with Rey Mysterio, Randy Orton, Shane McMahan, Mark Henry, Kevin Owens, Sammy Jane Will participate.

The Great Khali

The WWE had released a poster of the Greatest Royal Rumble event a few times earlier, in which The Khali was also. Since then, there have been persistent speculations that Khali can be seen in this show. The Great Khali was seen in World Wrestling Entertainment for the last time in July last year. When he helped Jindar Mahal to retain the championship during the Punjabi Prize match.

The Greatest Royal Rumble Event in Saudi Arabia’s Jeddah will have a Rumble match of 50 Rascals. The first time in WWE history will be when 50 wrestler Rumble matches Apart from this, WWE’s 7 championships will also be defended and fans will have to see Casket match and singles match of John Cena Vs Triple H after almost 1 decade. This event will be organized at King Abdulla Stadium of Jeddah. The Greatest Royal Rumble will arrive from 9:30 pm on April 27.

WWE Greatest Royal Rumble Match Card:

-50 Mens Greatest Royal Rumble Match

-Brock Lesnar Vs Roman Reigns  (Universal Championship Match)

-Seth Rollins Vs Fin Buller Vs Samoa Joe Vs The Miz (Intercontinental Championship Match)

-AJ Stiles Vs Shinske Nakamura (WWE Championship Match)

-Jaf Hardy Vs Jindar Mahal (US Championship Matches)

-The Bar Vs Matt Hardy-Bray Voight (Raw Tag Team Championship Match)
-Saadiel Alexander Vs Calisto (Cruiserweight Championship match)

-Blujin Brothers Vs The Uses (SmackDown Tag Team Championships)

-John Cena Vs Triple H

– The Undertaker Vs Rasev (Casket match)

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