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Croatian footballer Bruno Boban died on the field of heart attack

Bruno Boban

A match was held between the two teams in the Croatian League on Sunday. Which included a team of Marcosonia and the second Slavoniais. Football striker Bruno Boban was playing in the Croatian third-football league when the ball hit his chest and after this he got a heart attack and he died.Bruno was playing on behalf of the Marconia team,

the ball against the slavonia pogba team took his chest and he became unconscious. After this an ambulance came to the ground and tried to bring them to consciousness but Bruno broke his breath.

Bruno was the top scorer of the third division league so far and had so far scored 12 goals in this league. Bruno had played soccer from the Slovenia team for the year 2014 to 2016, and in the beginning of the year Bruno had signed with Marosionija. On the death of Bruno, many players have expressed their condolences and have expressed grief over the incident.

Croatia’s international footballer Mario Manjukic

Croatia’s international footballer Mario Manjukic has said that “Bruno’s soul is in peace, my feelings are with the Bobban family, his friends, and teammates.” Earlier this year, in the year 2008 also a player of Croatian football player Harvose Kastik The accident had died. In fact, the caustic hit a concrete wall, causing severe injuries to his head and he died in hospital after 5 days of the accident.

65 footballers have died in the last 10 years.

According to a report, about 65 footballers have died in the last 10 years. Of these 26 footballers belong to African origin. Interestingly, most of the players have died due to a heart attack on the ground.

Last year in 2017, a total of 6 footballers were killed. Ivory-born Apanga, Botswana’s Tiro, Ivory Coast’s footballer Shaik Tiott was also there.

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